In 2018, I faced mortality
head-on in a near-death
encounter at the age of 36.

The moment was brief, yet the ripple effects have been enduring, becoming the most transformative and intimidating event of my life. This intimidating aspect wasn't because my soul seemingly vacated my body; ironically, that was a strangely serene moment. What frightened me was the abrupt perspective shift, where I became the spectator and the arbiter of my own existence, scrutinizing every chapter of my life.


I confronted all the facets of my life – the decisions I’d made, both commendable and regrettable, each interaction, every moment of benevolence, and every instance where I could have done better. My priorities came into sharp focus, and I realized that they were not positioned at the top of my list as they should be. I saw a vast potential yet to be tapped, glaring inconsistencies, and a formidable force that was me but without a clear guiding principle or direction. Most alarmingly, I saw my purpose glaring back at me, unfulfilled. That was the chilling truth.

The profound revelation from this confrontation was that I was caught in the most significant paradox of my existence. On one end, I had decades of life sprawling ahead of me, and on the other, I was mere seconds away from an abrupt end. I wouldn’t label myself a religious individual, but I’ve always felt a strong presence of a higher power. It was at this juncture, poised on the brink, that I began to pray fervently. I implored for another opportunity to right my wrongs and live my purpose. I was granted a second chance by God. This marked my rebirth.

This experience triggered a fundamental shift in my energy, anchoring me to my core values of authenticity, accountability, self-discipline, commitment, and courage, which now steer the majority of my life’s decisions. It prompted me to contemplate how best to rebuild myself, utilize my talents, how to become a remarkable force in our society, and how to align my actions with my values and purpose. In essence, how to lead a balanced life.

My journey transitioned me from a state of mere existence to truly living life in its fullest sense. I swapped the frenzy of ceaseless busyness for a life of purposeful productivity. I transformed from being elusive to my wife and daughter to become fully present and available for them. My focus sharpened, allowing me to make intentional, well-considered choices rather than reacting impulsively. I transformed from a state of less-than-optimal health to being fit, vibrant, and brimming with vitality. I ceased chasing every fleeting opportunity and instead grounded myself in what truly mattered, aligning my actions with my core values and purpose.

This transformation was not merely a rebirth; it was the genesis of my personal philosophy, my credo. It made me realize that to truly fulfill my purpose – to lead, mentor, and coach others – I first needed to align my actions with my values and master the art of conscious self-leadership. This journey taught me that before guiding others, one must navigate their own path with clarity and conviction. This essence of conscious self-leadership now fuels my mission to empower others.

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I am a firm believer in a brighter future and a society rooted in justice and peace. I am cognizant of the fact that the path to such a utopia is anything but smooth. Yet, the yearning for a superior world begins with personal metamorphosis. It’s my unwavering conviction that any individual seeking global and social change must first initiate that profound change within themselves, scrutinizing every aspect of their own life. It is this internal revolution that earns us the authority to cast a critical eye on the world, to seek out the erroneous, and devise solutions to smoothen our collective journey. We must not direct our warrior spear at others if our own hands bear wounds. This is the very perpetuation of injustice and the root of further harm.

Within the triad of the hero, villain, and victim, narratives may vary, but the truth remains singular. It is only through pure judgment that this truth can be discerned.

The quest for a better tomorrow begins with the transformation of the individual today.


what and why


You are here, reading this, because I have wholeheartedly embraced and embarked on my life’s purpose. As a purpose-driven leader, mentor, and guide, my aim is to reach out to those who find resonance in my message and those in need of direction and guidance. I choose not to persuade or present reasons why I should be that person for you – rather, I trust in your autonomous intuition and discernment to make that decision.

This journey can only truly commence once we commit to seeking and embracing a higher perspective. Personal transformation and growth are genuinely meaningful when achieved through authenticity, wisdom, and committed action. To truly make an impact and wield influence, our intentions must stem from a place of integrity.


With a focused and dedicated approach, integrating personal experience, philosophy, spirituality, pragmatic advice, empiric evidence, and a structured step-by-step process, I aim to equip you with all the necessary tools to explore, identify, and connect with your unique purpose and vision. This will empower you to optimally navigate key life areas such as time and energy management, relationships, health, wealth, and career.

It would be my honor to accompany you on this journey. Personal Pledge: I, Binais Begovic, solemnly promise and swear before God that I will never presume to teach anything that I have not already lived and deeply internalized. I commit to always upholding the highest levels of authenticity, integrity, commitment, and the most rigorous standards of conduct as your trusted co-pilot on your journey toward the Golden Self, so help me, God.


Navigating Your Journey: Where to Begin?

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Each journey is unique. Start where you feel most comfortable, and together, we'll pave the way to your holistic growth and transformation.
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Binais’ Facts

  • NAME: Binais Begović
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 1982
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Bijelo Polje, Montenegro
  • RESIDENCY, AGES 0-15: Montenegro
  • RESIDENCY, AGES 15-24: Sweden
  • RESIDENCY, AGE 24 - PRESENT: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • NATIONALITY: American
  • MARRIED: Dr. Cat Begovic (since 2010)
  • CHILDREN: Daughter, Layla
  • LANGUAGES: Fluent in English, Swedish, and Serbo-Croatian
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