Essential Pillars of a Conscious Self-Leader’s Character: Authenticity  


Binais Begovic


3 minutes


07 October 2023

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As a conscious self-leader, the essence of your character undeniably pervades every environment you inhabit, influencing those around you in profound ways. If your character is potent and positive, it acts as a catalyst, uplifting those you interact with. Conversely, a negative or weak character can cast a shadow of gloom wherever you go. 

Does this mean all conscious self-leaders share the same character traits? Not at all. Your character is the embodiment of your unique personality. Some conscious self-leaders are reserved and quiet, while others are high-spirited and engaging. Some are impulsive and energetic, others methodical and cautious. Some are seasoned with age and wisdom, and others bring the zest of youth and adventurism. Some thrive in the spotlight, others are more comfortable behind the scenes. 

An important distinction to make is that charisma is not synonymous with conscious self-leadership charachter. Indeed, many great self-leaders may not be traditionally charismatic, and vice versa. The world’s conscious self-leaders display an extensive range of character styles.Their contrasting character styles emphasize the importance of cultivating your own unique character rather than emulating someone else’s. 

Your character must be inherently yours, original, and authentic. It’s your distinctive blueprint in the world of conscious self-leadership. 

Let’s now explore the key elements that define a conscious self-leader’s character. 

The character of a conscious self-leader is usually built on ten main pillars: 

  • Authenticity 
  • Decisiveness 
  • Focus 
  • Commitment 
  • Duality
  • Courage 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Renewal 
  • Service
  • Self-Control

These pillars don’t operate according to their level of importance but form a democratic interplay within your character. Depending on your life’s current circumstances, different pillars take precedence, becoming the primary force steering your self-leadership. 

In this discourse, our focal point is Authenticity, a paramount pillar in the structure of conscious self-leadership.

The Power of Authenticity: Aligning Actions with Vision

In a world where our identities often blur between reality and societal expectations, authenticity stands as a beacon of truth, guiding individuals on a path aligned with their deepest values and visions. True authenticity isn’t merely about the words we articulate but rather, it’s exemplified through our actions and the lives we lead every day.

Living Authentically

Living an authentic life demands a deep connection with your inner self. It’s about consistency between your spoken beliefs and the values deeply ingrained within your soul. When you practice authenticity as a self-leader, your actions not only reflect your core values but also wield a subtle, magnetic influence, attracting and inspiring those around you.

Expressing Authenticity

Authentic self-leadership requires the open expression of your values, beliefs, desires, and goals with unabashed passion and intensity. It’s a commitment to unabashedly showcasing your genuine self, being unapologetic about your beliefs and values, and fervently pursuing your goals and aspirations.

The Challenge and Reward

While embodying authenticity is indeed challenging, the rewards are significant. Walking the talk, living in alignment with your true self, naturally earns you not only self-respect but also the respect and admiration of others. It empowers you to stand as a role model, emerging as an authority not tied to a title or position but born from respect and trust. Authenticity indeed holds immense power.

A Reflection of Core Essence

Authenticity is a transparent reflection of your true essence, the core of who you are. It’s about living out your spoken words and backing your statements with consistent actions. Perfection isn’t the goal here; rather, it’s about striving for consistent alignment with your ideals as often as possible. While this pursuit demands courage, the immeasurable rewards and the sense of fulfillment it brings are well worth the effort.

Final Thoughts 

In embracing authenticity, you embark on a transformative journey toward a life that mirrors your deepest beliefs and values. It’s a courageous commitment to living openly, honestly, and true to yourself, serving as an inspiration for others to follow suit. The journey might be laden with challenges, but with each step, you’ll find yourself living a life more aligned, more fulfilled, and unequivocally more authentic.

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